Dr. Ann Ladner, DVM

I am not exactly sure when my love for animals began – I think I was born to care for them. When I was a baby we lived in an apartment in New York (yes, I am a yankee!). We didn’t have any animals then. My earliest memories are of my endless list of imaginary pets, ranging from miniature elephants and giraffes, to cats and tigers. My favorite toys were my stuffed animals. I remember walking around outdoors with my arms outstretched, praying God would drop an animal into my arms. I would care for anything that needed help, from grasshoppers to sparrows. I often held ‘conversations ‘ with squirrels in the yard, and I once reported to my mom that my friend Charlie the squirrel told me that I was a nut!

By the time I was six, I informed my mom that I was going to be an animal doctor. From that point on my journey was always planned toward my ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian. I graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. I moved to Mississippi in June and began living my dream. I have since been blessed with my wonderful husband Ken, and then our beautiful angel Abegail (who has also been born with an amazing love for all animals!).

I started here at Saucier Veterinary Hospital in 1997. Soon after, my very talented sister Michelle came to work with me. She has been putting up with me ever since. I enjoy working with both small and large animals, and have learned a lot about exotics while working with my partner Dr. James Askew for the past 16 years. I enjoy soft tissue and reconstructive surgery, working with internal medicine and endocrine diseases, cardiac disease, skin problems, and gastrointestinal diseases. (I have been called ‘DQ’ or diarrhea queen at the hospital.)

Several years ago, potbelly pigs were a popular pet and I took an interest them. They have become somewhat popular again, and I do work with them often. As loud as they can be, with everyone running to put cotton in their ears when we work on them, they are very enjoyable patients. We have great success treating them.

I love my profession, and I enjoy becoming a part of my patients’, and their parents’, lives. I am very blessed to have had so many wonderful clients over the years, many of whom have touched my life, prayed for me, and helped me through my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I am still in remission, and am so thankful to my Savior Jesus for carrying me through those valleys! Praise God!