“Just left my review as comment on page. Thank you! for the excellent care for Symin today, without your professionalism and caring response to my concerns he may not be with us anymore. I appreciate all you did and all will continue to do. Thank You!!”
Bonnie S.

“I have a sick beardie that my local vet wanted to euthanize (what he thought was necessary). SVH agreed to chat with me remotely to at least try to help my beardie recover and live a happy life. So far she’s improving! If it comes to a point where it’s better for her to be euthanized, I’ll do it, but I’m so grateful to have a vet in my corner willing to at least give her a chance.”
Becky F.

“I would like to thank the staff or should I say Family at saucier veterinary hospital. They have gone above and beyond to help and keep my Angel healthy and happy. Thank you all for trying everything to keep her with me.”
Sallie B.

Wonderful Doctor and staff. Always there for our fur families.
Jacquelynn R.

I am currently here with my baby. The staff is wonderful, attentive and caring. I highly recommend bringing your babies here!
Robyn B.

I can’t say enough about Saucier Vet! The staff has been wonderful over the past few months of trying to figure out what was going on with our Rally. Dr. Ann has answered emails at 11:00PM to help ease my mind over concerns for our pup. She’s wonderful, her assistants are wonderful, and she’s always honest with us about her thoughts on treatment plans. She’s been a shoulder to cry on, while not giving up hope for our little guy. She’s not afraid to ask for help from other doctors when things are outside of her realm or she needs a second opinion. We’ve finally nailed down a diagnosis and it feels like we are on the up and up! Thank you thank you to the warm, welcoming staff. Thank you to Dr. Ann and her team! Without you, we probably wouldn’t have our Rally!
Cassidy R.